SotD 2-28-12: Asics GEL-Noosa Tri 7


If there were one critique Dan would venture with respect to his footwear of choice today,it would be the shocking (nay, appalling) lack of glitter laces. Insulting. Everything else, frankly, suits his unchecked effervescence perfectly (Dan, it's Monday; nobody smiles on Monday).

The GEL-Noosa Tri 7 from Asics is, as in keeping with its prior version 6, the quintessential throwback statement shoe: think early 90s NYC railyard graffiti, airbrushed t-shirts, and blacklight parties, and you pretty much understand exactly the design aesthetic behind the Noosa series in recent years. To wit, The Noosa 7 features a color palette whose names hardly belie their intent: POP Yellow, Tropic Green, and Noosa Glow (which, you guessed it, actually glows in the dark). Were you buying this shoe sight-unseen, you'd still know what you were getting yourself into.

But once you look past the wild colorway and dig into the guts of the shoe, the Noosa 7 is actually a damned good performer. Marketed as a triathlon-specific racer (though we would argue it's as at home on the treadmill or dancefloor as it is just-off-the-bike), the Noosa is effectively our old favorite DS-Trainer with some funky new clothes. 

A multicolor DuoMax post spliced into the SoLyte midsole provides ample stability for runners with mild to moderate overpronation, and the super breathable open mesh upper makes for a supportive, structured, yet un-cumbersome package weighing in at 10.6oz in the men's sample size. 

A 10mm heel-toe offset makes for a slightly lower-profile ride than a standard trainer (12mm), which means form junkies will have little to worry about by way of heel-height awkwardness.

Bottom line, the Noosa 7 is a sturdy racer built for long distance, and well-suited to the marathon leg of your next Ironman, whether your form is picture perfect minimal, natural, or just plain godawful.

Price: $120, available in stores now