Winter Warrior 2016 – it’s a wrap!

We’ve had four days now to reflect on our 2016 Winter Warrior Challenge. For some, 31 days in a row of running outside was no big deal (looking in your direction, Brian Tjersland…)

But for most, it was quite an undertaking! Now, don’t get us wrong. We know that in the larger context of the world around us, running for a month is not really that big of a deal. But for many of us, it was a real challenge, both mentally and physically. Doing something that you absolutely do not want to do but know is good for you in the long run (no pun intended) translates to so much more in life than just running. 

WW calendar


So pat yourselves on the back, Winter Warriors! Great job getting out there even when the weather was crappy, life started to get in the way, and you were tired. You’ve developed some mental toughness and a running routine that you can draw upon for the rest of the year!

What was your favorite run/day of the challenge? Our team (the ones that made it all the way to the end!) weighs in:

Erin: Sunday, January 10th. It was absolutely downpouring rain all day, but was like 50 degrees out. Once my feet were wet I said, oh well, and went for my longest run in months. The city was deserted and I felt like it belonged just to me – ran through the North End and back through City Hall Plaza.

Patrick: A 6am run, Hampton Beach sea wall during a storm at high tide. I ran on top of the wall and pretty much crushed it (even though my wife smoked me.)

Kevin: Tuesday the 12th – a random snow squall snuck up on us in the evening and I turned on to a side street and it was like a scene out of a movie – dead quiet, everything covered in white and big fat snowflakes coming down.