>2/3/14: Buff Review

written by Siobhan Duffy

Before I start—some of you may be wondering “What is a Buff?” To state it simply, the Buff ® is a seamless tube of fabric. Developed in 1992 by founder and creator, Joan Rojas, it started the multifunctional headwear revolution! Out of this seamless tube of fabric, Rojas developed a multifunctional piece of performance head and neckwear that has the ability to morph into a multitude of different garments in seconds. It is perfect for any 

outdoor enthusiast because it allows its wearer to change their headwear on the go while offering protection from the elements. Buff’s® patented design is created through a knitting process that uses a special 100% polyester yarn, called microfiber, where the thinness of each filament is less than 1dtex. The pores on the outside of the fabric are so small that it prevents water and wind from passing through, while at the same time the pores on the inside surface are big enough to make the fabric highly breathable.

At Marathon Sports you can find 3 different styles of Buff®: The Original Buff® , the Wool Buff®, and the UV Headband Buff®.

The Original Buff® is designed to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Its fast-drying properties wicks the sweat off your body and onto the outer surface of the fabric where it can then evaporate. It is almost impossible to list all the ways you can wear the Original Buff ®. Some of the most popular ways people will wear it are as a balaclava, facemask, neck gaiter, cap, do-rag, hat liner, sun guard, hood, headband, the list goes on and on. It is perfect for almost any activity in any weather condition!

The Wool Buff® is made from 100% merino wool which is extremely soft and breathable. It is designed to keep you warm in colder climates and is made several inches longer than the Original Buff® allowing for extra coverage when you need it most. Just like the Original Buff® the Wool Buff® can be worn in an endless number of ways.

The UV Headband Buff® allows its wearer to focus on their activity and not their hair. Wear it as a hairband, headband, foulard, helmet liner, or hair tie. No matter how you decide to wear it you don’t have to worry about it moving because it stays in place. Just like its other Buff® siblings it wicks away your sweat keeping you looking and feeling fantastic as you work out.

Be sure to check out their website below for tutorials on different ways to wear your Buff: