>4/1/14: Apparel Review - The New Balance Boylston Jacket

by staff contributor Siobhan Duffy


It's official, spring is finally here! Time to say farewell to the polar vortex, which had some of us (well, at least me) logging more treadmill miles this winter than ever before. It's time to box up your hats, gloves and base layers until next winter (hopefully... you never really know with that New England weather) and start thinking bright colors, sunny days, and warm happy thoughts!


Over the next month we are still going to be faced with a few chilly days, so it is important to have a light weight, wind and water resistant jacket in your closet. Thankfully, New Balance was nice enough to let me wear test the new women’s Boylston Jacket that will be debuting in select Marathon Sports locations the first week of April. I was able to take it out for a spin last Saturday when it was in the mid-40’s and sunny. Still a little cold but much warmer than the previous few days! Because it was a bit chilly I wore a dry-fit long sleeve shirt under the jacket, and it ended up being the perfect combo for the weather that day. The sweat-wicking technology kept me comfortable and dry during my run, and the vents were perfectly placed under the arms and on the upper back. The breathability of the jacket was just overall great. The jacket is so light that even if I did heat up during the run I would not have minded tying it around my waist for the remainder of my run. I loved the body contour fit of the jacket, it allowed for it to move naturally with the motion of my body while I was running. I can see myself taking this jacket to the track to do some workouts this spring because it feels so minimal but still offers great protection from the elements. Another great feature I do not want to forget is the two front zip pockets that held both my car and house key during my run with very little bounce. It is a perfect feature for myself since I have dropped a house key or two in my days as a runner.

This piece will be a great part of any runner’s spring and fall wardrobe. It’s perfect for when there is a little wind, maybe some drizzle or you just want a little extra protection from the elements. The jacket can be found at our Wellesley, Norwell, and Boston locations. Stop by and check it out for yourself!