>4/9/14: New Balance Boston Edition 890v4's Released

Back in March, New Balance began their #LoveBoston campaign all throughout Boston. Since then, it's inspired so many wonderful connections within the Boston running community with people making these connections on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag. We know because we've been inspired by all of these fantastic connections and inspirational posts it's caused.

This whole campaign is culminating with the release of their Boston Edition 890v4. We got these shoes in to our warehouse this morning and are extremely excited about the outcome.

The new FantomFit no-sew upper is a fantastic update, allowing for a seamless upper while cutting down a little bit on the weight. Make sure to get your hands on this limited edition sooner rather than later. They are GUARANTEED to sell out very quickly!


You can get them on MarathonSports.com by clicking through here: CLICK HERE to get your New Balance Limited Edition 890's