>5/7/14: Shoe Review - Asics Nimbus 16

by Staff Contributor Rebecca Tadema-Wielandt



I have been on a mission this spring to find a high cushion running shoe, a shoe that provides that cushy feel without a lot of bulk and added weight.  I want it all: fit, comfort and durability. And a shoe that will continue to feel great after 10, 12, 14 milers and beyond, if my training goes as planned!  After testing out several high cushion models I found the Nimbus 16 from Asics comes pretty darn close to meeting my Goldilocks, just right, standards.


I could go on about all the high tech features behind the Nimbus 16, like the “Refined Fluid Fit”, the “Impact Guidance System” and Asics’ “Guidance Trusstic System”.  But what it comes down to is this. Does it feel good the minute you put it on and does it feel great when you run in it?  Fortunately the answer for me is YES!     

The first thing I noticed when I put on the Nimbus 16 was the overall fit of the shoe, it immedietly felt customized to my foot, wrapped in just enough support without feeling like it was restricting my gait.  That would be the “Refined Fluid Fit” I mentioned, we can #runnerd out a little.  But would the Nimbus 16 deliver on its promise of maintaining the level of cushion I want on my runs without that heavy feel that some high cushion shoes have?  Time to take these puppies out on the road for a long run.  I spent the first couple of miles trying to access the shoe and pay attention to the “Heel Clutching System” (Asics nailed it in comfort and support) the additional “Gel” (the most ever in a Nimbus) and all the other components that make up this shoe.  But the thing I noticed, around mile 6, was that I had stopped trying to analyze it and just zoned out, which to me is the true mark of a great fitting shoe, I can forget about it and just enjoy the run. 


Over all I was very happy with the Nimbus 16. It never felt heavy thanks to their new lightweight “AHAR” rubber which promises durability without added weight or a bulky feel: the women’s version weighs 9.4 oz, the men’s 11.4 oz.  It never felt stiff, letting my feet move and flex the way they wanted too and delivers on a glove like fit. Cushioned but not too cushioned, supportive without feeling restrictive…juuuuuust right. 

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