>5/7/14: Apparel Review - Adidas ClimaChill™ Apparel

by Assistant Apparel Buyer Siobhan Duffy


Recently Adidas launched their new ClimaChill™ line of apparel, which just hit select Marathon Sports shelves this past week. The new cooling apparel technology known as ClimaChill™ incorporates an innovative fabric made from titanium infused flat-weave yarn and aluminum cooling spheres that feel cool upon skin contact. ClimaChill™ is the most breathable and fastest drying material Adidas has ever created.


The Aluminum cooling spheres both help transfer heat away from the body and prevent fabric from clinging to the skin while running. The aluminum cooling spheres are strategically located to correspond with the warmest areas of the body – the back, neck, and forearms. As the aluminum cooling spheres touch the skin you can feel an instant cooling sensation.



The titanium flat-weave yarn is woven through the inside of each article of ClimaChill™ clothing. Flat yarn has more surface area than traditional yarn allowing for quicker evaporation and a cooling feel as your body heats up.  


ClimaChill™ apparel will be the perfect addition to your summer running wardrobe. This new innovative technology will keep your body temperature low allowing you to run harder, longer, and faster.