>6/2/14: Apparel Review - CWX Pro Short

CWX PRO SHORT by staff contributor Mark Williamson


Every runner has their go to choice for runderwear; whether it’s a good pair of boxer briefs or simply using the built in liner of your favorite shorts, most of us have some sort of standard outfit we stick to.

I recently had the opportunity to step out of my usual undergarments and try out a pair of CWX Pro Short Tights. The pro shorts are designed to provide support for your major muscles and guidance to keep your joints tracking correctly during extension and contraction, both of which reduce workload and help with efficiency. Being an athlete who has had more injuries than I can count, I figured the extra support and reduced strain sounded too good to not give it a fair try. I was able to test out the shorts in a few running workouts as well as a few sessions in the gym, during which I was fairly impressed with the product. The CWX Pro Shorts have support webs which are designed to assist your legs as you extend and contract your muscles, which provide some great assistance for any running workout as well as most leg lifts. I would describe it as bit of a rubber band sensation, really helping me push back to full extension while doing squats at the gym and during my sprint workouts at the track. They may not be a replacement for my everyday compression shorts, but I will definitely be using them on days where I’m doing a bit more push oriented movements.

In terms of fit, they are a bit longer than your typical pair of short tights, ending just above the knee. The added length is there in order to add support coverage to the entire quad and hamstring. Because of the support webs and structure of the tights they are a bit thicker than your average tights, but this also means that, for the bold, they can be worn on their own without an over layer.

Whether it’s reducing fatigue on a long run, or adding that bit of extra power to your speed workouts, the CWX Pro Short Tight is a good choice of runderwear that I would recommend for any athlete looking for that extra bit of support.





80% Coolmax/20% Lycra 4-way stretch body fabric moisture wicks and provides a UV protection rating of UPF 40+ (that's really good)



  • Shorts are anatomically engineered for each gender, providing comfort, ease of movement and a better fit
  • Reflective logo provides extra visibility in the dark
  • Flat seam construction eliminates abrasions, increases comfort and enhances fit
  • Key pocket and double-reinforced waistband with flat draw cord


Not sure of your size? Check out the convenient sizing guides below for both men and women: