>7/1/14: SPORTS BRA'S 101


Sports bras are not much different than sneakers, getting fit is essential to comfortable runs!

What works for one woman is different than what will work for another.  That is why it is best to pick a sports bra based on specific activity. 

Sports Bra Technology

How does a sports bra provide support?  Most sports bra’s use compression and/or encapsulation.  Compression is the spandex that you will find in the fiber content of most sports bras.  The spandex helps press the breasts against the chest wall.  Encapsulation on the other hand is what separates each breast, enveloping them, this is what prevents the dreaded uni-boob from happening.  The most supportive sports bras provide a combination of both of these technologies.

In addition, many sports bras are now being made with contouring.  The contouring or molded cups help restrict movement. Also, they provide a level of modesty so that when the bra gets sweaty you won’t have to worry that you are totally exposed. 

Racerback vs Open Back

Open back sports bras provide easy on and off back closures, which is ideal after a good workout.  They have adjustable straps as well, so you can really customize the fit.

While racer backs will provide additional support (think like a harness), they are not always the easiest to get on and off especially if you have had a recent injury to your neck or shoulders or had breast surgery; that is when a supportive bra with a back closure may be a better option. However, some newer racerback styles now come with adjustable straps and back closures.

Right Fit is Key

When you first purchase a sports bra the band should be tight enough that you can only fit a finger or two under the band, but still breathe comfortably.  Ideally if it has an adjustable back closure it should be fastened on the loosest clasp so that as you wear it and it stretches out you can clasp it tighter so that you get the support you need throughout the life of the sports bra.  Also, if you feel that the support is coming from the straps, the band is likely too loose, the support should come from the band. 

When it comes to the right cup size it’s all about making sure that you don’t have cleavage showing (if this is happening try a bigger cup size) and the cups should not be wrinkled (too big of a cup).

Replacing Your Sports Bra

A sports bra lasts approximately the same amount of time as a pair of shoes, so when you purchase your next pair of shoes add on a bra and get rid of one in your closet.  This way you are ensuring that you are getting good support and are not needlessly stretching your Cooper’s ligament, the connective tissue that gives your breasts their uprightness. 

A Few of our Favorites!

Hot Shot by Moving Comfort-We love this bra because of the patterned straps, if they suddenly show from under your shirt it looks totally fine!  Also, if you are active throughout the day it is nice to have a sports bra on that will give support, without feeling completely strapped in!

Stow-n-Go by The NorthFace Ever looking to stash a credit card, hotel key, money or energy gel?  This bra has a hidden pocket that you could even stuff a pair of running socks in, but don’t worry it is situated in a way that you don’t have to be concerned about chafing. 

Vixen A/B & Vixen C/D by Moving Comfort- An easy over your head sports bra that gives great support; you can choose between the A/B cup version and the C/D cup version.  This bra has S.Cafe molded cups, which provide modesty when it is wet or sweaty.  S.Cafe is a fiber that is made from coffee grounds and is naturally antibacterial and odor resistant.  The Vixen is great if you have issues with straps falling down on you.

Juno by Moving Comfort-Moving Comforts most supportive racerback style sports bra.  This bra is difficult to get on, but it is the go to bra if you want to be reassured that your sports bra is not going to be what holds you back from being able to complete your next workout.  This bra comes in B-DD cup. 

Fiona by Moving Comfort- Our go-to-bra!  This bra is great because it fits so many women.  It has adjustable straps and back closures. It is one of our favorites!  This bra is made in B-DD cup and is ideal for someone who is nursing, has had a recent surgery, narrow shoulders, and uneven breasts or just wants a comfortable sports bra.

Jubralee by Moving Comfort- The Jubralee has more of a precision fit, so when you try this one on lean forward and scoop each breast into place.  This is an ideal option if you have uneven breasts because it has great adjustability. it’s Moving Comforts most supportive open back sports bra, making it a great option if you are used to wearing two bras instead of one.