SHOE REVIEW: Saucony Ride 9

by Morgan Kennedy, Marathon Sports staff member

For the last year, Saucony has been rolling out its new EVERUN cushioning system. With its spring update, the Saucony Ride 9 becomes the fifth shoe in the brand’s lineup to receive this innovative new technology. While still the classic neutral, moderately cushioned trainer you know and love, the Ride 9 offers fresh energy and responsiveness thanks to the new EVERUN midsole.DSC_0882

The new cushioning system includes an extra layer of EVERUN material directly under the sockliner, putting the bounce and impact absorption closer to the foot than ever before. The full-length layer of EVERUN right underfoot gives the shoe a soft (but not too soft) first feel. In case you’re unfamiliar with this new cushioning system, EVERUN delivers two key benefits:

Absorbs Impact
EVERUN landing zone and heel insert provide better impact protection because they maintain their properties 3x better than standard EVAs.

Lowers Peak Pressures
Underfoot cushioning works by conforming to the shape of the foot, distributing force over more area, thereby reducing local peak pressures. Typical shoe constructions create a stiff layer of cement and fabric on top of the midsole, reducing the ability of midsole foams to adapt to foot shape.

IMG_5797For loyal fans of the Ride, this update does not disappoint. Even with the cushioning overhaul, the shoe maintains a smooth, flexible ride. Slight changes to the outsole design ensure full ground contact, easing the transition from landing to toe-off. The shoe maintains its 8 millimeter heel to toe offset, placing the foot in a position to encourage a more natural stride, even in what is a pretty well-cushioned training shoe.

Additionally, FlexFilm technology in the upper eliminates the need for excessive stitching and seaming, creating a comfortable and accommodating feel on the foot. So the combination of a no seam upper, soft yet snappy cushioning, and a relatively low offset make this shoe feel completely broken-in even from the first run.

IMG_5846For those going for speed, the Ride 9 offers an impressively light feel for a classic trainer – with the women’s shoe at 8.3 ounces and mens at 9.3 ounces. It incorporates new technology while still weighing two-tenths of an ounce less than its predecessor.

Combining the best of new cushion technology with the same comfort that makes this shoe continuously reliable as an everyday trainer, the Ride 9 proves fresh enough for a quick run, and strong enough for a marathon.

The Saucony Ride 9 EVERUN ($119.99) is available in women’s size 6-12 in both standard (B) and wide (D) width; men’s size 8-13 in both standard (D) and wide (2E) width in all Marathon Sports stores and at