APPAREL REVIEW: The Under Armour ColdBlack S/S

by Joe Moscariello, Store Manager – Marathon Sports Plymouth

under-armour-coldblack-run-short-sleeve-t-shirtOver the course of the last two weeks, Massachusetts has dished up some very unpredictable weather – from 50 degree nights to 90 degree humid afternoons and everything in between (fortunately I missed that Tornado in Wrentham by about an hour). With the weather variability that can take place over the course of a long run, adaptability in running gear is essential.

Although I run at almost all times of day, I have two preferred times: during peak heat hours, and late at night – I may be crazy but I love the oppressive feeling of humid heat, and the solitude of single track trail at midnight. Fortunately, Under Armour’s ColdBlack product line just gets me. With its innovative technology, the ColdBlack Short Sleeve is a versatile piece that will satisfy the needs of both heat eaters and night owls alike, while still managing to stand out and look awesome.

This shirt has the baseline functional elements we need:

  • Mesh venting in key areas (read: armpits)
  • Lightweight moisture wicking/fast-drying material
  • Anti-microbial treatment (read: stank preventer)

But most running shirts have these three attributes. So what makes the ColdBlack so singularly outstanding? Its technology reflects ultraviolet, infrared, and heat rays – so the fabric can actually be darker in color while still offering great UPF (ultraviolet protection factor).

Under-Armour-Coldblack-Run-Short-Sleeve-Tee-SS15-Running-Short-Sleeve-Shirts-Blue-Jet-SS15-0But don’t pigeonhole this short sleeve as a sunny summer-only piece. Its reflective piping and moisture-wicking work well for night time runners as well. The shirt’s water-like print that looks awesome in the daytime shines well and adds dimension to the piece when lit up by headlights, and the reflective piping on the back gleams when hit even from far away.

The Under Armour ColdBlack Short Sleeve, priced at $39.99 is available at all Marathon Sports stores [FIND A STORE LOCATION] in men’s S-XL.