BACK TO SCHOOL! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

by Michael Genovese, Marathon Sports Footwear Buyer


Kids and adults alike love running because it provides a sense of freedom. After sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours, I need a run to balance my life – but I watch my kids and they run everywhere. All day. Think about it: kids run through the halls at school, they run to the bathroom, they run away from taking a bath, they runkidsrun on the playground, and they run through the house screaming because…well, they are kids. Running and being active is part of being a kid. And while I do enjoy peace and quiet, I encourage my kids to be active because I believe it is an important part of their wellbeing.


As vice president of the shoe nerd association, it’s probably no surprise that I think the right pair of shoes is an important part of keeping my kids’ lives in motion. But as a parent, I know you probably have some real world questions:

chalkboard1The tried-and-true fitting process that we use to get you running is the same one that we use for kids (with some small edits based on the age of the child).

SIZING is very girlsguideimportant – depending on the child’s age and where they are in their growth spurt we will allow extra room for growth – but still ensure that the rest of the foot is locked in properly. We’ll take your little one through the entire fitting process, starting with a visual gait analysis, and even let him or her take the shoes out on the pavement for a test drive!

kidsrun3Just like we do with your own shoe fitting, we make sure that your child’s heel and midfoot are locked in and make sure that thkids1000e width and depth of the shoe allow for a proper fit. We carry a wide range of footwear options in varying support levels to guarantee your little one is properly aligned during activity.

A NOTE ON SUPPORT: we never want to overload a young child with too much stability in a sneaker. Because their muscles are still developing, we will skew a little lighter on the support level of the shoe than we would in a fully-developed adult.

chalkboard2Do you feel as though you’re replacing your kids sneakers constantly? The kids shoes that we carry are designed from proven, successful adult running shoes but with a kids-specific design that adds to durability and gives you added features like a non-marking outsole (to keep your floors scuff-free!)

kidsrun2The high-grade midsole foam along with vendor-specific cushioning systems produce a shoe that is built to withstand close to 300 miles of running. Additionally, little things like reinforced toe caps and stitched overlays help stave off some of the crazy wear and tear that kids put on their shoes.


kids880We have a great variety of kids shoes available in stores and online. We carry a large product selection from sizes 3-6.5 with a more limited selection of sizes 1-2.5. These shoes are basically junior versions of their adult counterparts which helps you save on cost while still providing you a superior shoe. [SHOP KIDS SHOES]chalkboard3*Awkward silence*

We CAN guarantee this: your child’s feet will feel great before, during, and after activity. They’ll love the fun kids colors we stock, and visiting our store will be a fun, positive, and motivating family experience!