5 Tips on How to Keep You Running Through the Winter

When there’s snow on the ground, it’s hard to convince yourself that a run outside won’t be “that bad.” We know it’s super tough to muster the motivation to jump out into the cold to stick to your training runs, so that’s why we’re going to share with you the top 5 ways on how to keep you running through the winter!

1: Plan out your weekly workouts using the 10-day forecast. 

If you know there’s going to be snow and below freezing temps on Friday, then plan your runs around that day. Save your runs outdoors for days that are slightly nicer, and less deadly. Keep your cross training and off days for the grim winter weather forecasts!

2: Have the right gear. 

We know, we’re a running store, but to run through the winter, you’ll need to be layered up, and you’ll also need to be seen. You’ll want to stock up on a windproof and high-visibility outer layer, as well as thermal bottom layers to keep warm on even the coldest days. Here are some of our top picks at Marathon, guaranteed to make you feel warm and toasty running through the cold winter months.

3: Learn to love the gym. 

Turn the dreadmill back into the treadmill and make your days spent at the gym a little less terrible. Change up your routine by adding in speedwork to a treadmill session, or take a fitness class one day instead. The more variation you bring into your gym routine, the easier it will be to actually want to go there!

4: Ease into it. 

The first time it dips below freezing is definitely the hardest, but it is more important to work your way to running in subfreezing temps. Your body needs time to adjust to running in colder weather! Try doing shorter, more frequent runs in freezing weather before tackling anything longer than a few miles in the sub-zero temps.

5: Modify your nutrition and hydration. 

In the heat of the summer, it’s easy to reach for some ice-cold water…and promptly chug it. In the winter, it’s easy to forget that hydration and nutrition are still the most important things ever. Using a Nathan 32oz water bottle is a great way to keep track of your hydration during winter days. Aim to consume 2-3 full 32oz bottles of water per day! Out for a long run? Be sure to pack your fuel in a place close to your body so it doesn’t get too cold and freeze.

Now you’re officially ready to rock the winter running routine, you got this!!!