PRODUCT PREVIEW: Fall Running Apparel

We have officially entered the (in our opinion) greatest running season ever! With that comes a bunch of brand new running apparel. The retail season can be a little tricky, as it doesn’t always perfectly mirror what Mother Nature is doing – you may have noticed that a couple weeks ago, even though it was 85 degrees out, our stores were newly stocked with plenty of half-zips, lightweight running tights, and even jackets!

While summer apparel is relatively simple (i.e. throw on a pair of shorts, a tank top, and out you go), fall is when layering begins to be important. Especially if you run early in the morning or at night, there can be a chill in the air and you’ll need to dress accordingly. Additionally, this is the season when reflectivity starts to factor in. As the days get shorter, much of our running will be in darkness. Make sure to protect yourself!

Luckily, the fall apparel we’ve got in store has a great deal of versatility in use – think vests, capris, lightweight tights, and hybrid jackets.


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Make sure to stock up on this great gear before it gets too cold! All of our store locations are staffed with runners well-seasoned in New England winter running. It sounds unbelievable, but if you dress properly, even the chilliest of days can be a perfect day to run.

We’ll check back in next month with some real heavy-duty winter gear. Until then, enjoy the foliage and keep on running!