Our New Digs

Welcome to the new Marathon Sports website! We're still getting used to the new digs, and the content is coming together bit by bit, but here's what you can expect in the coming days and weeks:

Actual Blog Content:

-Shoe reviews

-Hands on demos of new product

-Tech geekery of the finest kind (heel-forefoot offsets, oh my!)

Events and Programming:

-Minimalist running clinics

-Shoe and accessory demo events

-Special shopping nights and promo opportunities

-Unique, fun, and FREE educational programming

What's Going to Stay The Same:

As always, we're 100% committed to an education-based retail environment: we're not here to sell you stuff you don't need, and we're not here to pressure you into buying anything you don't already want. Our number one focus as a brand is to provide you, the consumer, all the tools you need to make the best decision possible for your needs, training, and personal health goals. We've won 12 BEST OF BOSTON awards that way, and we think that's a pretty darn good reason not to mess with it. After all, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Keep your eyes peeled for all the new goodness to come!

-Marathon Sports