Shoe Preview: 2012 Newton Gravity

Frankly, we don't have much to go off of here, except that the 2012 Newton Running Gravity trainers look, frankly, badass.
photo courtesy Newton Running, Photo: Courtesy Newton Running,

Who couldn't use a bit more red in their shoe wardrobe, anyway? 

For the most part, the shoe features largely the same tooling (read: the sculpted bits in the midsole) as the previous version, with one important distinction: in earlier editions, Newton opted to wrap the EVA of the midsole around the bottom of the upper, giving the shoe the appearance of a more traditional trainer in profile, something that belies the true nature of the shoe's offset.

Phantom misdsole, no more! The EVA upper wrap is gone, a la the MV2, and what you see is what you get with the new 2012 Gravity: pure Newton engineering with an aggressively color blocked upper for the appearance of pure speed.


Price: $174.99

Midsole: 2% grade, or about 3mm offset heel to toe

Ship Date: 2/15 to our warehouse, which means Norwell, Boston, and Wellesley should have the Gravity before the end of February.

Stay tuned for a full review once the shoe lands!

Photo courtesy Newton Running,