Boston's Facelift (Updated 3/7/12)

Our flagship store at the Boston Marathon finish line opened in the spring of 2001, and over the intervening years the store has seen its fair share of wear, tear, and change.

A few years back, we threw you all a big curveball when we swapped the shoe wall from theback of the store to the front. Now, as the winter carries on we look to make a few more ::minor:: but nonetheless impactful changes to the aesthetic of the store. 

Look for new mannequins, re-merchandised fixtures, some updates to our "shoe archives" along the top of the wall, and most notably: new carpet and a new stone landing. Keep your eyes on this article for the updates as they come.

Before: Our 11-year old carpet at 7:30pm on 3/6/12

Before: What our 11 year old carpet looked like at 7:30pm on 3/6/12.
During: The heroes from AJ Rose getting it done. This is what 11 years of gait analysis does to a subfloor... During: Marathon Sports Boston's Carpet Install, and the Heroes from AJ Rose
After: New carpet adds a whole new layer of depth to the store! After: Marathon Sports Boston's New Carpet Adds a Whole New Layer of Depth
New stonework adorns Boston's landing as of 2/8/12.