WINTER RUNNING 101 part III: Let’s Accessorize!

We’ve definitely lucked out so far in terms of cold weather. It really hasn’t gotten cold enough yet to require hats and gloves during a run. But if living in New England has taught us anything, it’s to prepare for anything and everything.

winteraccStop into any Marathon Sports store and you’ll see that our winter accessory wall is stacked with all sorts of goodies for anything the weather can throw at us. The good news is that unlike shirts and tights, these accessories are easy to take off and store mid-run, so if you wear too much, it’s not the end of the world.

The same rules that apply with apparel – steer clear of cotton and opt for breathable wicking fabrics – apply with accessories as well. Make sure whatever you’re wearing is non-cotton. Think about how yucky a soggy cotton hat would feel on your head during a run…

The running hats we carry generally fall into two categories – lighter weight (think stretchy skull caps) or heavier weight (think fleece-lined beanies). Same thing with gloves. Your lighter weight options will be thin and stretchy, while your heavier weight are thicker or fleecier – or a mitten.

Think about yourself when you exercise – do you run hot or run cold? Does it take you a really long time to get warmed up, or are you toasty within a mile or so? That thought will guide you in your selection of winter accessories.

Here are a few of our favorites:

SAUCONY Drylete Balaclava

Marathon Sports Brookline’s pick

It’s definitely not too early to start thinking about January and February runs – you know, the ones where it’s so cold that ice gets stuck on your beard? A balaclava is the thing that gets you through winter in New England. It keeps your face and head warm, and eases the strain on your lungs because you’re not inhaling frigid air.

$25.00, available in all Marathon Sports locations.

TRAILHEADS Space Dye Knit Headband

Marathon Sports Shrewsbury’s pick

Headbands! For those of us that run hot, a fleece hat is generally not a great choice, even in cold weather. BUT, cold ears can make a run turn miserable really quickly. The Space Dye Headband is a comfy acrylic knit with space for a ponytail. The thick headband stays in place and wicks sweat away for a comfy, cozy run.

$24.00, available in all Marathon Sports locations.

CRAFT Hybrid Weather Glove

Marathon Sports Plymouth’s pick

A glove within a glove! The Hybrid Weather Glove provides a wind and water resistant cover that you can reposition over your fingers when you need it, and take it off when you don’t. The inner glove offers silicone grippers, smartphone compatibility, and a brushed fleece interior for warmth, while the outer glove offers weather protection and some reflectivity.

$35.00, available in all Marathon Sports locations

THE NORTH FACE The Blues Beanie

Another Marathon Sports Shrewsbury pick

This lightweight beanie has a fleece-lined ear band and is made from recycled content. Perfect for a quick hit of warmth when you’re on the run in cool to cold conditions.

$30.00, available in all Marathon Sports locations

SUGOI LT Run Glove // Midzero Balaclava

Marathon Sports Melrose’s picks

The LT Run Glove is a versatile option that will take you through most of your winter running, with a stretch fit and touchscreen capability.

The Midzero Balaclava wraps your head and neck in fleecy warmth and has flat seams for a comfortable fit. The reflective front logo keeps you visible in dark conditions.

Glove $30.00 // Balaclava $28.00, available in all Marathon Sports locations

This is just a sampling of the many winter accessories we have in stores. Stop into any of our locations and we’ll get you ready to make this winter your best running season ever!