BAA Apparel Lands, Is Unquestionably Orange



Boston, as you might suspect, got theirs first. Shane always gets his way, it seems. ::sigh::
But as of Friday, February 17th, Marathon Sports Cambridge 
and the rest of the stores have begun receiving the first of several shipments of Boston Marathon official licensed apparel
And, as this picture illustrates, the line's color story (which adidas refers to as "High Energy") is, well, unquestionably orange.

Each year, the color choice of the Boston Marathon apparel line stirs up considerable chatter. There's the "what ever happened to the good old blue and yellow?" crowd; the "the 2006 fleece was the BEST JACKET EVAR" crowd; the "just gimme the damned jacket!!" crowd; and countless other pundits, but the response is invariably a, shall we say, vocal one.
This year's line features dominant color blocking in "High Energy" orange, but several pieces are available with orange as the accent color to a more subdued body - see the Men's and Women's Short Sleeve in white, and the yet-to-arrive (but always a crowd favorite) Women's Track Jacket.
Everyone has their two cents, and with good reason: the apparel line represents to some the most significant souvenirs, for veterans and Boston Marathon rookies alike (ranking up there with the mylar blanket and finisher's tee). Ask any multiple-Boston runner and they'll likely have a closet dedicated to the official gear. 
Perhaps some years they might forego the long tights, the singlets, or the fleeces, but there's one piece that never goes by the wayside: the Official Boston Marathon Jacket.
Luckily, after a moderate production issue in 2011 (we shudder to think of it, but the Official Jacket last year was screen printed, not embroidered), the good folks at adidas are back on track. The updated 116th Boston Marathon logo adorning the chest AND back of the Official Jacket are stitched in glorious, tightly spaced black thread. And it looks as sharp as ever.
Though this shipment is the first of many to cross our thresholds, we are doing our best to get the product up on mannequins, racks, and walls as soon as we can. If you stop by any of our stores in the next few weeks, you'll see the percentage of merchandising dedicated to the BAA line begin to grow exponentially as we head into March. By the end of March, our stores should all be stocked to the rafters with the full line, and you'll have plenty of opportunity to browse to your heart's content.
If you can't make it into the store, the select pieces we have received up to this point are all available for viewing and for purchase right here at

Updated 2/17/12 6:08pm: the Women's jacket is an ::ever-so-slightly:: more reddish-orange than the men's jacket.