Ok, this is shaping up to be a pretty big year for us. A new point of sale system, one of the best Boston Marathon training seasons we've ever seen (courtesy of a pretty lax winter weather pattern), countless interior and exterior improvements to our stores, the grand opening of our 7th store (see below), our migration to a brand new functional warehouse, and now this:

We just won Best of Boston.

For those of you who count this type of thing (we definitely do), this works out to be our lucky number 13th Best of Boston award, generously bestowed upon us by none other than Boston Magazine.  

The 39th annual issue, which hit stands on Tuesday, July 31st, features over 291 local businesses, service providers, restaurants, and more, and represents some of the finest shopping boston has to offer. Our blurb:

Marathon Sports

Category:  Best Running Shop

Copy:  After sizing you up, the running enthusiasts here will walk you through their enticing selection of trainers and racers, let you take 'em for a spin, then watch you jog off into the sunset.  

Hate hoofing it alone? 

Ask the resident experts about running clubs, upcoming 5K's, and popular routes.

Thanks, Boston Magazine! And a special thank you to all of our loyal customers who helped to make this special award happen. Without you, well, let's just not even think about it. Thank you so much for all of your support this year and for years to come!