It's 2013, and we're well aware of the fact that these days attention spans are measured in characters, loyalty is measured in "Likes," and customers are just as happy shopping online as they are visiting the store just around the corner.

It's a digital age, so how does an old-fashioned running shop keep pace with the rate of change in the marketplace? We aren't Zappos, and we know that. Tony Hsieh is a brilliant dude, and his empire has helped to define the both modern face of online retail and the intersection between stellar personal customer service and shopping from your couch.

We can't do that, and we don't intend to attempt what he has done. We know that we can't emulate our brick-and-mortar experienceonline, and it would be folly to try.

What we can do, though, is make it easier for our loyal repeat customers to replace the shoes we have helped them find through our fitting process. That's why today we launch the Send Me Shoes program, a simple way for you to skip the trip into the store, get your shoes fast, and be back on the roads without missing a beat. It works like this:

If you know your shoes, simply fill out the form with the appropriate brand, model name, and size, and a member of our team will contact you within 1 business day to let you know our stock levels. If your shoes are in stock, we'll arrange for payment, box them up, and get them on their way to your home FREE OF CHARGE.

Can't remember what shoes you wear? No problem. Chances are that if you've shopped with us in the last year, we have at least a fractional purchase history attached to your name and we can track you down that way. If not, we'll ask you a couple questions, get to the bottom of things, and get you sorted straight away.

It's as easy as that. Seriously.