Ok, that's enough. After nearly a whole week of abysmally cold weather that barely scratched the teens, we're declaring war on winter. Our first offensive: the WICKED COLD Winter Apparel Sale, starting Friday, January 25. Visit any of our seven store locations for 30% off a huge selection of winter apparel and accessories.

Here's the skinny:
-Jackets, Midlayers, Pants, Tights, Winter Hats, Winter Headbands, Gloves, Mittens, Convertible Mittens, and Balaclavas are all on sale. Build your wardrobe to take on winter's worst on the cheap.
-Discounts will be given at the point of sale. 
-May not be combined with any other offers; biggest discount always prevails.

That's it. We'll run this sale as long as we can, and if you have any questions on what does and does not qualify for the discount, any of our sales staff can help.