>3/13/13: Saucony KINVARA 4 BOSTON Presale and Launch Party


By now you've all had your first glimpse of the ultra-limited Saucony Kinvara 4 Boston Edition, exclusively available at Marathon Sports. It's the sequel to the best-selling minimalist shoe on the market, and it's covered in love for our fair city (unlike The Onion, we actually like our city*). 
Kinvara 4 Boston, Limited Edition

[*yeah, that Onion article is pretty funny...]

Anyway, a number of you have been asking about how you can be sure to get your hands on a pair of these sick kicks, offering various forms of payment (please, no more firstborns), and generally clamoring and clawing to be first in line.

Well, your voices have been heard, and we're here to tell you about our Kinvara 4 Boston presale and launch party, taking place on Monday, April 8th at the Marathon Sports Boston location.

Here's the skinny:

There are 218 pairs of shoes to go around. That's men and women. We know, it sounds like a really small number; and it is. If you want to be sure you can snag a pair, there's only one way: purchase a "ticket" to our exclusive launch party, reserve your size, and pick them up on April 8th at the launch party.

Your ticket purchase is a guarantee that you will receive a pair of Kinvara 4 Boston Edition shoes in your size
, and the price reflects only the price of the shoes. The drinks and food are on us.

We'll have beverages of the adult variety, refreshments, and best of all your brand new shoes, gift wrapped and ready to rock.

P.S. We will can't ship these shoes anywhere; just fair warning...