>3/20/13: New Balance Sponsors "Last Long Run" Trolley


The only thing worse than slogging through the final miles of your LAST LONG RUN alone is the unfortunate necessity of having to either 

A) Take the Green line out to the end of its woefully short and annoyingly traffic-plagued rails, or

B) Have some poor friend drive you out Rt 16 to leave you alone on the side of the road wearing uncomfortably short shorts and a water belt.

So what if you got the opportunity to skip the BS and ride out the course, from Boston, for FREE, with 49 other marathoners, no strings attached? Well, you'd jump at the chance, right?

Our friends in Brighton, New Balance (you might have heard of them), are offering 50 Marathon Sports customers that very chance this Sunday, March 24th with the First Annual New Balance "Last Long Run Trolley" ride.

Runners will meet up at the Boston store at 8a sharp (671 Boylston St), board the party trolley, and clang clang clang all the way out to our Wellesley store.  

After you're dropped off, you'll run your way back to the Boston store (tacking on a few extra miles if you so desire), stopping by the Brookline store for a New Balance aid station stocked with water and gels.

Back at the Boston store, you will reunite with the party trolley, collect your belongings, and enjoy breakfast and shopping in the store before we open at noon.

Benefits:  The floor of the trolley won't be sticky like the floor of the green line trains; you can leave your belongings on the trolley without worry; breakfast will be provided; and most important - you will be chauffered in a custom damn TROLLEY!

Space on the trolley is limited to the first 50 RSVPs, so make sure you reserve your spot!  CLANG CLANG CLANG! Register now: