>4/2/13: Two Weeks and Counting

As of this writing, we’re under 14 days until the gun goes off before The Big Race, which means that if you’ve done your part for the last 16 weeks, you’re in the middle of the taper doldrums: repeatedly weighing and analyzing the physiological benefits of sitting on the couch and eating ice cream against one more (unscheduled) itty bitty long run.

Trust us, the couch-sit and ice cream combo goes down way better than energy gel and lactic acid, and you’re not blowing your taper.

As for the Big Race, well, if you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’re at least in the know about the vast majority of race-day details. If not, there’s plenty of good after the jump.

If you’re still in the dark, our friends at the BAA do a fantastic job of synopsizing the race experience, from the expo and pasta dinner beforehand, to boarding the buses out to Hopkinton, and all the way back to the finish line. To save you the trouble of digging through the comprehensive info, here’s the most valuable link. Note the road closure times, the wave starts, and the bus information, as well as the bit about iPods… 
Boston Marathon Mylar Blankets, Courtesy of John Hancock

As for Marathon Sports, what does The Big Race mean for us

Well, just this:

It’s the single most validating thing in the world for us to see you out on the course, blasting through Wellesley with a smile on your face, high fiving total strangers in Brookline, and getting way too comfortable with Mylar at the finish line

We fit you for shoes, we coach you through blisters, we teach you how to recover from IT band syndrome (because you still don’t stretch enough…), and here you are, waltzing across the finish line like a boss. 

And, simply put, it’s EXACTLY why we are in this business in the first place. If it weren’t for you and your victories, whether over 26.2 miles or 5k, well it just wouldn’t be the same.

So when you see us in the stores over marathon weekend, or when you see those Marathon Sports t-shirts and yellow bags around the expo, remember that the reason we're here in the first place is because of you, and we want nothing more than to enjoy your moment with you. 

All that said, Marathon Monday is the one day where you can count on being a rockstar for 26.2 straight miles, so embrace the hell out of it.