Did you know that your sports bra should be replaced nearly as often as your running/workout shoes? I bet a lot of us can dig through our dressers and find sports bras that have been loved a little too long (we are even guilty of it here at Marathon Sports from time to time!)


  • A good sports bra can reduce breast movement by up to 83%
  • 64% of women report experiencing breast discomfort during a workout
  • There are no muscles in the breast which means any damage done by improper support is irreversible!
  • A non-supportive bra places undue stress on the Cooper’s Ligaments – these ligaments help maintain structural integrity of the breasts (read: they keep you from sagging!)
  • Active women should be fit for a sports bra at least once a year

FEATURED BRAS: Hot Shot (Low Impact)Just Right Racer (Low/Medium Impact) | FastForward Crossback (Medium Impact)Uprise Crossback (Medium Impact) | Uplift Crossback (Medium/High Impact) | Fiona (Medium/High Impact) | Juno (High Impact)

A sports bra is a very important piece of equipment and can really make or break a woman’s active experience.

Meredith is wearing the Brooks Juno – a high impact style

When looking at a sports bra, there are 3 key components you want to pay attention to:


The band around your ribcage is going to provide most of the support in the bra. It should fit snug and lie even against your back.


The breast tissue should be fully contained within each cup. If you are spilling out the top or sides, the bra is too small.


The support should not feel like it’s coming entirely from the straps. They should not slip or dig.

Every woman’s support needs are different! You needs will vary based on your build, cup size, breast shape, and the activities you’re doing.

Sarah is wearing the Brooks Fast Forward Crossback – a medium impact style


Finding The Right Fit™ doesn’t have to be complicated! We are happy to help you find your bra at any Marathon Sports location. We will ask you a few questions, such as:

  • What size do you typically wear in an everyday bra?
  • What types of activities do you usually do?
  • Have you had discomfort during exercise in the past?

If you are open to it, we will measure your bra size. First, we’ll measure your ribcage directly under your bust. Then, we’ll measure around the bust. The difference between your ribcage measurement and your bust measurement determines your cup size.

However, if you’d rather not be measured, that’s fine too! We’ll select a few options for you based on your everyday bra size and let you go to town in the dressing room.

Erin is wearing the Brooks Hot Shot – a low impact style

All the bras that we offer at Marathon Sports are made with a polyester/spandex blend which means they will wick moisture and keep your skin cool, dry, and chafe-free.

A good sports bra will run you anywhere between $35 – $65 – a minor investment when you think about how important this piece of equipment is!

A full selection of Brooks Sports Bras are available at all Marathon Sports stores. [FIND A MARATHON SPORTS NEAR YOU]

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