GEAR REVIEW: Saucony Razor Jacket

by Jess Popik, Marathon Sports staff member

The lightest waterproof jacket we’ve ever worn! Love the bright white and strips of reflectivity on the front.

It’s become painfully clear lately that a good old Boston winter is coming. With that, runners/walkers/outdoor enthusiasts need to overhaul our wardrobe. It’s time to take out the lined tights, the baselayers, the mid-layers and jackets. This season, one of my favorite pieces is the Saucony Razor Jacket.

dsc_0043One of the first and most important selling points from Saucony about the Razor Jacket is that this jacket is a waterproof jacket. In the running world, waterproof is not a word that is thrown out very often. When trying to make waterproof apparel, the materials that are made to keep water out also tend to keep heat and sweat in. For a piece of apparel to be truly waterproof, the seams have to be sealed to keep the water out. But, as you can imagine, sealing the seams drastically reduces the breathability of the jacket, making it less than appealing to runners.

Therefore, many companies prefer to make ‘water-resistant’ clothing to maintain the breathability and function of the piece. Saucony uses their Flex-Shell technology in this jacket (which makes the fabric move with you), keeping you dry, but has these neat ‘shingles’ on the back to prevent overheating. I took this jacket out on a cold and rainy day being the ultimate skeptic. Not only did I stay dry in the jacket, but I did not feel too hot. 

The back ‘shingles’ provide ventilation to help regulate your temperature no matter the weather.

I love the color of this jacket. I’ve spent a decent amount of time in the Razor Jacket over the past month and this jacket has resisted staining. A couple marks here and there are easily cleaned with a damp paper towel. The reflective branding on the back of this jacket makes me feel like I’m channeling my inner Molly Huddle.

dsc_0032Lastly, the fit of this jacket is perfect. There is enough room for movability and comfort. My favorite is the drop tail back. The Razor Jacket is not only great for inclement weather and keeping your bum dry, but also great for those looking for a something a little longer with a little more coverage in the back.  

The Saucony Razor Jacket is a must-have for anyone training through a brutal New England winter. After trying this piece in all types of weather and conditions, it has found a permanent place among my running essentials…at least until summer gets here!

The Saucony Razor Jacket ($175) is available for men and women in our Boston and Wellesley stores.