Gratitude and Race Week!

by Seth Taylor, #road2boston ambassador

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The time has come, the miles are (nearly all) logged and race week is here.

I cannot believe it.

This experience has been incredible, and I cannot thank Marathon Sports and adidas running enough for allowing me to take part in this journey. Hopkinton is a week away!

I hope that you all have enjoyed one average New England runner’s journey during the last 12 weeks. Food, weather and pup pics probably sums up my series of blog posts fairly well, don’t you think?

To the Marathon Sports staff, thank you for everything – your guidance and smiling faces made the #road2boston extra special. Meredith and I always enjoy visiting the stores – you are amazing, and the community is better because of you.

Last week was fairly uneventful from a running standpoint – two days of rest allowed my “Easter” hip to heal, allergies/a taper cold decided to show up and I totaled 26 miles for the week.


I was able to capture this sunrise from the BU bridge on a lovely early 7 miles on Friday.

The #road2boston has definitely allowed me to develop my habit for waking up early and exercising. I LOVE IT!


We finished the week with a very controlled 10 mile run along the course on Saturday and ended at the finish line where we caught this beauty going up!

Race Week Food


Well, the fridge is stocked with about every fruit, veggie, and seltzer that looked good today! Of course I had to rock the special edition Boston 7’s to the grocery store to keep me honest and stay out of the junk food aisle, haha!

Speaking of adidas, wow, I have loved every pair of my adidas DPRs and wow am I now in love with the great apparel—from socks to layers to hats.

Food prep Sunday was also a success with a lovely 99% fat free chicken breast and mushroom lasagna, a dozen hard-boiled eggs and 3 cups of oatmeal ready to go!


The lasagna is super basic and easy (pictures on insta stories). Pre-cooked lasagna, layers of cooked chicken breast (1.5lb) and mushrooms, ricotta and tomato sauce – topped with shredded mozzarella and baked (finish with a broil).

Thank you again for following along, and I wish everyone a very safe and memorable Boston Marathon on Patriot’s Day!

My running journey will continue on Instagram, the esplanade and this amazing city with the inspiring Boston community!

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