Hello Winter?

by Seth Taylor, #road2boston ambassador


Well, my “dread for the tread” only had to be dealt with for six of last week’s 53 miles, thank goodness! This of course was while yet another snow storm was blowing in!

Everything is feeling great overall, I do think it has a lot to do with embracing rest days, following a good plan and eating.


My favorite meal of the week was definitely an Asian glazed pork loin dish. Yes, I was a little intimidated with the recipe but it turned out great!

The Weekend

My weekends now call for back to back long runs, this week incorporated an 11 mile run on Saturday and a Sunday long run.

This particular long run was less special than previous ones because of my wife, Meredith, sitting it out to recover. So, I took off with an audio book and enjoyed a route that included running up Beacon Hill and Summit Ave. before reaching the base of Heartbreak Hill before running the last 10K of the Boston Marathon course with great splits!

We are now 5 weeks out on the #road2boston, and I hope you all are having good training. Yay, for another snow storm!


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