SHOE UPDATES: July 1st Releases

There are some exciting shoe updates coming at you as we enter July!

CLIFTON 4 – Hoka One One


This is an update we’ve been eagerly awaiting! Hoka has done its biggest overhaul yet on this shoe, and from what we’ve gathered so far, it’s great! Here’s what you can expect in the new Clifton:

Improved Durability – One of the major points of feedback that we heard about the Clifton 3 was that people absolutely loved it, but it broke down too quickly. Hoka has addressed that in this new model, adding an additional compound to the midsole to improve longevity. It makes the shoe slightly firmer but doesn’t compromise that Hoka underfoot feel that we all know and love.

3D Printed Upper – Less stitching is never a bad thing! Hoka made the upper seamless, with a light and breathable mesh.

More Rebound & Response – Thanks to the added RMAT in the midsole (the material added in for durability), the Clifton 4 has a little more snap than we’ve had in previous versions. This is a welcome development for runners who have loved the cushion but wanted something just slightly less marshmallow-y.

STATS: $129.99 // neutral shoe // 9.3oz (men), 7.5oz(women) // 5mm offset [AVAILABLE SOON!]

GHOST 10 – Brooks


This shoe seems to get better with each update. A lightweight neutral shoe that has great durability for everyday training, but can also work as a great workout or race day shoe for some runners. Here’s what’s new:

Smoother TransitionBrooks added deeper flex grooves into the outsole to make the shoe more flexible, allowing a smoother heel-to-toe.

Lighter Upper – The 3D printed overlays on the upper are thinner than they were in the Ghost 9, which helps lighten up the shoe. Combined with a stretchy engineered mesh, version 10 offers a sock-like feel through the upper.

Softer Crash Pad – The heel cushioning has been improved in this model to help your body distribute impact better through the heel strike, making you more comfortable!

STATS: $119.99 // neutral shoe // 10.4oz (men), 8.7oz(women) // 12mm offset [SHOP MEN’S] [SHOP WOMEN’S]

VONGO v2 – New Balance


A relative newcomer to the market, version 2 of the Vongo does not disappoint, as New Balance has gotten rid of some of the bulk you felt in the previous version to offer a smoother ride in this stability shoe:

Improved Transition – The ‘Guide Channel’ – a groove cut into the outsole to offer flexibility without compromising stability – has been extended further toward the toe in version 2. This allows a bit more flexibility through the heel-to-toe transition.

Higher Side Walls – The side walls run a bit higher up as you get closer to the heel, which offers the heel additional support and acts as a stabilizing force as you strike the ground.

Engineered Mesh Upper – Seems to be the theme of the day! Fewer overlays, more mesh, which makes for a more natural and flexible fit on your foot.

STATS: $134.95 // light stability shoe // 11.5oz (men), 9.9oz(women) // 4mm offset [SHOP MEN’S] [SHOP WOMEN’S]

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