As we slowly enter the summer months, we’ve been doing some thinking about what exercise means to us. While a number of people that work for this company are quite speedy, there are many, many more of us who use running and exercise as a few different things:

  • A really inexpensive version of therapy
  • A calming influence on our daily life
  • A way to connect with people
  • A reason to smile everyday
  • A way to look good naked
  • All of the above

When we first got into this business, the running and fitness world was far different from what it is now. Just look at any back issue of Runner’s World and try to tell us otherwise. I think we still have some of those geeky looking running shorts laying around our warehouse somewhere…


Today, running and fitness is more popular (yay) and far more accessible (double yay) to people of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ability levels. And that makes us very happy. So this summer, we’re launching a campaign to celebrate sweat and all the joys it brings to our lives.

#sweatislove is about more than setting PRs or building muscles. It’s all about how a great sweat session can change your day, and if you string enough of them together, they can change your life. No matter what you look like, where you’re from, how big or small you are, exercise is for EVERYONE!

So we look forward to sharing this with you throughout the summer, through events, new products, and contests. Stay tuned!