THE RIGHT FIT: Saxx Underwear


Just like the humble sportsbra, men’s underwear is also an often underappreciated but extremely necessary part of an active wardrobe.

But who wants to talk about it? Seemingly nobody.

So we’ll break it down for you real quick. SAXX Underwear is life-changing, and here’s why:

BALLPARK POUCH: Designed for contact-free support, this 3D hammock-shaped pouch keeps everything in place, thanks to mesh panels that prevent skin-against-skin friction, and feature no exposed stitching for chafe-free comfort.

3D FIT: Taking a 360-degree view of the body, SAXX takes into account fit, feel and function, and uses nine panels of fabric to create 3D shaping around glutes, thighs, quads and hamstrings.

FLAT SEAMS: While other underwear companies place the raised-thread seam against the body, SAXX has reversed conventional thinking and placed the flatter, softer side of the seam inward, for chafe-free comfort.


So now that you’re convinced, stop by and pick yourself up a pair or two. SAXX is available in all Marathon Sports locations. [FIND A STORE]