Fundraising 101

Identify your network

-       Friends, family, co-workers, past colleagues, club members, fantasy football buds, bowling teams, daycare moms and dads, your hair stylist, the people who own the coffee shop you get your coffee at, the people who own the restaurant you like to have breakfast at, your accountant, your fellow PTA members, church, classmates, etc.  You know more people than you think.

-       Make a list including their contact information

  • This will help you to segment out who you communicate with in different ways – mail, email, facebook, twitter, etc


Set up your fundraising page

-       See Crowdrise handouts


Craft your communications

-       Have a template for each way you communicate (letter, email, etc)

-       Personalize as much as possible

  • Signature, include pictures, reference people personally (How are the kids?  How was the move?  Etc)

-       Tell them about the One Fund, why it’s important, why it’s important to YOU

-       ASK for money and give people options/suggestions

-       Include a link to your Crowdrise page whenever possible (in your email signature, etc)

-       Ask people to share your Crowdrise page with others

-       THANK people when they contribute


Stay in touch

-       Send regular communications

  • Once a week via email
  • Once every 2 weeks via mail

-       Always give people a way to opt out of communications (they rarely will)

-       Multiple communications allow people to donate multiple times and keeps the cause front of mind

-       Update your facebook status regularly

  • Share photos of your training and progress



-       Determine what types of event would work for your social networks, and where/who you can get support from

  • Garage sale, bake sale, car wash, etc
  • Golf tournament
  • Auction
  • Concert

-       Figure out the logistics/overhead

  • Any costs involved is money that doesn’t go toward the cause


Corporate Gifts

-       Include businesses (especially one’s you give business to) in your potential donor network

-       Come up with creative ways to reward larger donations

  • Logo on your race shirt, logo on your fundraising page, etc


Matching Gifts

-       Find out if your company has a matching gift program

  • If it does, share all the instructions with colleagues who plan on donating
  • Submit any necessary paperwork/online forms with your company as early as you are able
  • Follow up

-       Ask your donors if their companies have matching gift programs


Submitting Donations

-       Try to have as many of your donations submitted online via your Crowdrise page as possible

-       In the event that there are checks, please mail them to:

  • Marathon Sports, ATTN One Fund Team, 838 Moody Street, Waltham MA 02453
  • After we receive and log checks, we’ll confirm with you so you can update the donation totals on your Crowdrise page
  • Please make sure matching gift checks from companies have YOUR NAME in the memo, otherwise we won’t know where to apply the donation