When you walk into one of our stores and take a look at the sprawling shoe wall, you might feel a little overwhelmed. But our fitting process makes the store experience easy, painless, and maybe even a little bit of fun.

We start with a visual gait analysis - watching you walk without shoes - to determine how the foot bears weight during the gait cycle. And then we learn all about you: Any past injuries? Do you wear orthotics? Are you training for anything? How much do you run? How much do you want to run? We want to know it all! 

Then it's shoe time. We'll select a shoe as a starting point and get you out on the sidewalk! We'll educate you about your foot structure, what we see when we watch you run, and why we selected this shoe for you. Once we've narrowed you down to a particular fit and support category, then it's all on you (or your feet, to be more precise). We'll bring out a few similar options and let your feet tell you which ones are the best.

No appointments are necessary, and the whole process is completely free of charge. For more information, please visit any of our eleven convenient locations.

Please note: our assessment of an individual's biomechanical needs is only one component in achieving a proper fit. User feedback, experience, and subjective taste all play a role, and while we do our best to make suggestions we feel are the most appropriate for a given foot, they are just that: suggestions. The decision making is ultimately in the hands (and feet) of the user.